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Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5 gaming motherboard

If you loved the G1.Sniper 5 but felt it was too big and too expensive then there is the perfect solution for you, and that is the Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5 gaming motherboard, which as you may well know supports Haswell, much like Maximus VI Gene from ASUS.

Above we have an excitable Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5 video review and unboxing, and as explained in the video comes with fewer bells and whistles, although there are still some impressive gaming features, such as better audio.

Okay, so we know that having a smaller form factor will mean sacrifices will have to be made, and so the Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5 gaming motherboard has to do away with the integrated Bluetooth and wireless cards.

You’ll see in the video that this motherboard comes with a host of accessories. After he has run through all those extra bits he then gets down to the important stuff, and that is the technology onboard this motherboard, and there is certainly a lot to go through.

Even though this is a cheaper board you will be pleased to know that Gigabyte has left all the important gaming features intact. If you are a typical gamer then the G1.Sniper M5 is a great option than the G1.Sniper 5. However, if you are an avid gamer, then you might want to give it a miss.

For more details visit Gigabyte.



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