Sprint’s Samsung ATIV S Neo unboxed

By Marlon Votta - Aug 21, 2013

The Samsung ATIV S Neo is the second Windows 8 device to be released on Sprint and today we are looking at an unboxing of this product showing what’s available with this phone. It looks much like a Samsung Android device and what’s involved within the box is demonstrated for viewers to see.

We have embedded the video by phonedog above and during this 8 minute demo we get to know all the specs involved, as well as the phone being used for those wanting to see it in action. The presenter unleashes this product but informs potential customers that there are no ear-buds within the packaging.

With Samsung ATIV S unboxing we get to see all the similarities with the Samsung Android version along with the outer shell which is a nice blue colour.

As he runs through the Windows apps and the photo features he goes on to mention how much he likes the overall look of the phone, therefore we would love to know your thoughts on the Samsung ATIV S Neo from Sprint.

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