Sony PS4 united with UK, US release date

By Alan Ng - Aug 21, 2013

The wait for an official PS4 release date for UK and US markets is finally upon us. Sony waited until the very end of their GamesCom 2013 press conference to dish out the juicy information, but we’re pleased to say that we finally have a date. As expected, the highly anticipated next-gen console is due out in November and thankfully this also includes Europe as well.

There were still some doubts as to whether Sony would be able to ship the PS4 in Europe, considering the recent shortage problems that have been documented by some retailers, and of course given the fact that European consumers had to wait many months after the US, to get their hands on the PS3 after it launched.

Thankfully though, the PS4 community is going to rejoice and unite together this November. We can confirm that the PS4 will launch on November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe. The two weeks head start for US should be more than bearable for everyone else, the fact that Sony has committed to launching the PS4 in the same month for US and UK is already very good news.

While this is obviously fantastic for everyone living in those regions, it is perhaps somewhat surprising that Sony hasn’t offered release information for those in Japan and the likes of Hong Kong. Are Sony waiting until the Tokyo Game Show next month to release this information? Let’s hope so.

Either way, November is now the month to start looking forward to. If you haven’t got your pre-order in, perhaps now is the perfect time to do so this week during GamesCom. Let us know your thoughts on the US and EU release dates – are you surprised by the two week gap or not?

More news from GamesCom coming up.

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  • David

    I am really pissed that pre-orders have run out in the UK, wanted to get one so badly at launch. Guess I am going to be queuing at the stores in November, I really, really, really, really want to play the next gen games over Xmas. Can’t believe that Sony could not anticipate the huge demand there would be for the PS4 and the next gen games, given we’ve waited 7 years since the last console generation and the only other we can play are crappy boring mobile and tablet games. If they crank the factories, they could easily sell a few million PS4s at launch.

    • David

      Mind you, at least I will still have GTAV on my PS3 to keep me busy until I get my PS4 🙂

  • DownerUnder

    Will it get to the most backward country in the World during 2014? No, not North Korea. Australia.