Netatmo Urban Weather Station in visual review

With there being a huge selection of weather apps on the App Store and Google Play, you have to ask yourself if there is any need for a personal weather station? The reason we have brought this up is because we have included a video review of the Netatmo Urban Weather Station, which links up to your Android and iOS device.

This personal weather station is made to be placed inside your home or outside in your garden, although it cannot be placed in direct sunlight or in the rain. So you will need to find a decent spot in the shade and out of the rain. However, it will still be able to give you an accurate reading of the outdoor temperature, CO2 levels, noise levels, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality and also monitors current weather reports.

In the Netatmo Urban Weather Station visual review we get to see the unboxing and what the guy really thought of the product following a decent test. As we said above the Weather Station is for indoors as well, which is why it will test CO2 levels.

If the system detects that CO2 levels are rising then you will be alerted and then advised to take action, such as opening a window.

This is just a fraction of what the Netatmo Urban Weather Station has to offer, and so you will need to watch the video above to see what other features this device has.



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