Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad 4 in Windows 8 Ad

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 21, 2013

Above you will see a video showing the Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad 4 that clearly favors the Windows 8 offering over Apple’s iPad. The reason for such favoritism is thanks to this being a Windows 8 advertisement, although it has been met with laughter and resentment on YouTube.

The 31-second video aims to show how much better the Lenovo Yoga would be compared to an iPad 4 in college. The moment students are asked to take notes it seems that the Lenovo Yoga is much faster compared to others trying to attach accessories to their iPad. It is easy to understand why this would be the case, but then sales of the iPad continue to remain strong compared to other tablets and portable computers.

We will leave our readers to debate the usefulness of both of these portable computers in the comments, but you should remember that Apple did something similar to this against Microsoft with PC vs. Mac ads a while back.

Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad 4 – what do you prefer? Take a look at the video above and then share your thoughts in the comments. Would your choice be based on mobile operating system, price or the specs? You can see the Lenovo Yoga in a couple of reviews below a previous article.

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  • Asok Asus

    It seems like these kinds of ads would be counterproductive for Microsoft, since presumably most of the folks who own iPads find them useful and would not believe Microsoft’s attacks on ipads, which means they would then be highly unlikely to believe Microsoft’s claims regarding Windows 8 tablets. Furthermore, these folks would be inclined to communicate these believes to their friends who may not yet have an ipad and were thinking about getting one.

    This Microsoft ad would be like Chevrolet showing an ad a bout someone who bought a Ford crashed and burned because the Ford was so unsafe. Besides, I thought it was axiomatic in advertising not to dwell on the other guy’s product, especially by brand name because that’s just giving free advertising to the other guy. In fact, with the exception of colas, you almost never see that approach used. I can only assume these ads have been done out of sheer desperation (or maybe just garden variety incompetence).