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Killer Instinct Xbox One SNES bonus

Killer Instinct was the subject of a new reveal during Microsoft’s GameCom 2013 showing and we now have some important information for those of you who are planning to explore the inner depths of the free-to-play brawler when the system launches. We can now confirm that there will be two pricing options available with the game, for those that wish to skip the F2P aspect of the game and just unlock everything straight away.

If you choose not to of course, you’ll still be able to play through the game with one character – that already confirmed to be Jago. Once you get bored with Jago though and decide that you want to drop some money on the game, you can do so by paying $4.99 for another character – such as Saberwulf, Glacius and Thunder.

Failing that, Double Helix Games has now detailed two premium packs which will get you a lot more content for a bigger fee. The Combo Breaker pack will come with six characters, plus a further two later on after launch for $19.99. While that is reasonable enough, there’s also something known as the Ultra Edition – which is what true Killer Instinct veterans will want to get their hands on.

It costs $39.99, but aside from the characters mentioned above, it will also come with alternate costumes for characters, as well as character accessory packs too. Perhaps the biggest treat of all though, access to the download of the original Killer Instinct game as well, made famous on the SNES in the 90’s.

It basically sounds like an excellent demo, but with some great ‘buy it now’ options available to you after trying out of the game. Killer Instinct has perhaps been the subject of some unfair criticism, but $40 doesn’t seem like a bad asking price at all for the main content plus a trip down memory lane with the original classic.

Are you interested in picking up the Ultra Edition of the game? Let us know your thoughts on this below.



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