iPhone 5C could kill iPod touch 6th-gen

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 21, 2013

The idea of Apple launching a new iPod touch 6th generation this year has been around since the moment the 5th-gen released last year, although the chances are nothing will launch in 2013 thanks to a recent pattern showing bigger gaps than one year. There would be a number of reasons why Apple left a 2-year gap between the 4th and 5th generation iPod touch, but most people agree it is due to a change in the product portfolio.

iPhone 5C could kill iPod touch 6th-gen – now that we are just a few weeks away from a new iPhone 5S and rumored iPhone 5C, it seems like another shift might take place that will be welcomed by some and hated by others. The desire for a cheaper iPhone model has been demanded for a few years, but a growing collection of leaks and rumors point to this year finally meeting that need.

Some people feel the introduction of a new iPhone 5C will cause a discontinuation of Apple’s iPod touch, which would lead to no 6G model. If Apple kept the two-year gap between iPod touch generations once again, then the new product would arrive in 2014 but this may never happen.

There have been obvious similarities between the iPod touch and iPhone for a number of years. The lines blurred even more when the 5th generation iPod touch arrived with a much thinner design and better specs, so a budget iPhone 5C might finally replace the iPod touch as a whole.

How will you feel if Apple fails to deliver a 6th generation iPod touch, and instead pushes more than one iPhone model at difference price points?

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  • Elizabeth

    I am perfectly fine with apple not releasing an iPod 6g bc I am getting an iPod 5g this August for my birthday and it would be cool to always say that i have the newest iPod from apple. But an iPhone replacing an iPod …. That will never happen…. Ever. I might buy an iPhone one day, but for now I am going to stick with an iPod and pretend its a phone… It looks like a phone and most people that have an iPod.. They make me think that they have a phone and I don’t. I get them mixed up…

  • steve jobs

    i am going to release a ipod 6th gen.

    • Elizabeth


  • Destitude

    iPhones require a contract and/or cost 2-3x as much as an iPod touch.

  • Alex

    They have to make a new one because it would be great to have something close as a phone,small,and portable.

  • Dennis Cashins

    The ipod touch is a valuable asset for recruitment of younger people into apple ecosystem.

  • Max

    This review is complete nonsence I am not getting a apple iphone ever. Apple has sold 100 million ipod. Touchs, they are not going to cancel this. The iphone purchase price and the cost of a 2 year contract is way to much money.

  • maaen

    I will never buy an Iphone…but I have always carried my ipod touch everywhere all the time….and for the phone I would rather have a Samsung Note smart phone for making calls and for all the benefits of the large screen and off course the S pen…I hope that apple makes the ipod touch with a six inch screen….I don’t suppose it will ever happen…but just imagine the large screen and a large memory. Ipod touch would be amazing as a baby ipad….smaller than a mini ipad and a whole lot more portable.But apple are a stubborn entity….they seem to have some old type of thinking….buy what we have available for sale or go elsewhere…it was the ipod touch which led to the IPAD… but no flex in apple products….they never listen to their customers….they think they know it all inside their camp….Sad state of affairs….

    • ThatWouldBeGay

      That would just be completely GAY!

      • maaen

        What.Harish said was very true…and Apple would not want to lose out on new and growing market around the world for PMP product lines….and this product can lead to a further sideways move for Apple if they could understand the value of a larger IPod…..there is a very large empty space between the ipad mini and the ipod touch and apple could help themselves by filling that space by I troducing a BABY IPOD/JUMBO IPOD…..then a whole lot of populations of many many millions of people in many parts of the globe would be able to enjoy the larger but more pocketable or purseable baby ipads ……
        But convincing Apple to think of this from a customer point of view is almost next to impossible….Apple thinks only fron inside its FORTRESS…and then there is the question of the iwatch…..but apple will try to make a sexy looking wrist gizmo and never consider that there is a pocket friendly ipod touch or nano which can be developed further with the lanyard and sit comfortably in peoples pockets or hang loose around their necks….but…no.. Apple will only go its own way marketing things in its own way.

        • maaen

          Sorry…spelling mistake… BABY IPAD/JUMBO IPOD TOUCH

  • harish

    no there are million iPod touch lovers around the globe and no matter what iPod touch will be cheaper even when compared to cheap variant of iPhone dubbed as “C” as iPod touch doesn’t have any 3G, 4G antenna’s, data plans and GPS chips, moreover iPod touch is cross platform friendly, i mean people having high-end android or windows smartphone have no reason to buy another costly and powerful device to enjoy iOS ecosystem, and iPod touch is that device which bridges this gap, as android, blackberry and windows users who wants to have the benefits of iOS go for iPod touch and not iPhone