Harley Davidson 2014 models list: Enhancements explained

We’re sorry that we do not talk about Motorcycles much on this website, but that’s because we get lost in all the other great news, but we had to tell you about the new Harley Davidson 2014 models list.

What makes this list so good is the fact that Harley seems to have listened to their customers, which was all thanks to Project Rushmore. They used this as a platform to listen to their customers and then gauge what it is they were looking for in future Harley Davidson’s.

There are 8 new 2014 Harley Davidson models, all of which have some great enhancements, such as increased power, improved styling, better ergonomics and enhanced breaking.

This is said to be the biggest changes made to new models in Harley’s 110-year history, so they either thought they wanted to give the customers what they wanted, or were forced to do so because of tougher competition.

Visit Harley Davidson to see their full 2014 lineup, or if you want a little teaser of what to expect then check out the video below.

One thing we can see right away, and that is how Harley has finally moved with the times and started to add some technology to their bikes, but are you happy with the 2014 Harley Davidson enhancements?



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