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FIFA 14 Xbox One jealousy, Ultimate Team Legends list

We knew that FIFA 14 on Xbox One would have some sort of exclusivity over the PS4 version of the game, and at GamesCom 2013 this week over in Germany we finally found out exactly what this would be. Ultimate Team Legends has been confirmed for FIFA 14 and unfortunately for those getting the game on PS4, it is going to be a exclusive on Xbox One only.

By picking up the game on Xbox One (remember it’s free with Xbox One pre-orders), you’ll now be given exclusive access to 40 ‘legends’ of the game who will be available for selection in gold packs, released on a gradual basis in a similar method to previous FIFA add-on content.

The term legend may have been used rather loosely in some instances though, as we’ve now seen the full list of legends available and it’s clear that EA has based their decisions purely on licensing arrangements – or basically picked who was available to be in the game at the first opportunity.

For example, Pele is there as a legend but the great Diego Maradona is not. Jens Lehmann has been selected as a legendary goalkeeper, but where’s the likes of Peter Schmeichel or Jose Chilavert? No legend list can be complete without the likes of Roberto Carlos or Zinedine Zidane either but again – they are missing from this list, so it’s dubious at best.

Either way, take a look at the image of legends here and see for yourself – we think you’ll agree with us in saying that the list is somewhat questionable. It’s still a great little add-on for FIFA 14 though, but another painful reminder that this won’t be available on the PS3 or PS4 versions of the game.

Is this going to be a hard one to take? Dennis Bergkamp looks like he’s going to be a class act on FIFA 14.



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