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Corsair Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard up close

If you haven’t joined in the console gaming trend or left consoles for PC gaming, then you might care a lot about the keyboard you use and desire only the best when playing PC games. The screenshot below features the Corsair Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard, which is designed for extreme PC gamers that demand only the best in performance.

You won’t hear the keys clicking or experience slow reaction times and this is thanks to low-noise operation from a fully mechanical gaming keyboard. The Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches provide fast response times that will be really noticeable during double tap in games like unreal tournament.

The Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard not only performs great but it also looks really cool in the daytime or in the dark. This is achieved with a combination of red backlighting, brushed aluminum frame that’s black anodized and of course features a lot of customization including the programmable backlighting.


Corsair has priced the Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard at just under $130, but to truly understand why it is such value for money you should watch the hands-on review below this article. This 8 minute video will explain the main K70 keyboard features, specs and show you how they work up close.

How serious are you about gaming keyboards for PC, and would you consider the Corsair Vengeance K70? You can also see the product page on Corsair for a breakdown of the main specification.



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