COD Ghosts Xbox One vs PS4 dedicated servers

By Alan Ng - Aug 21, 2013

As we learned at GamesCom 2013 this week, Call of Duty Ghosts is now set to be even better on Xbox One than first thought. Developers Infinity Ward have confirmed that the next-gen version of the game is set to top the PS4 version, thanks to the confirmation that dedicated servers will finally be coming to home consoles – a welcome end to player host advantages.

It goes without saying that this has been a huge request from Call of Duty players who have endured peer-to-peer based matches down the years. Now though, Activision has said that thanks to the new cloud-based features of the Xbox One hardware, dedicated server support will now be possible across all game types.

Just to remind you, Call of Duty Ghosts will also benefit from dedicated servers on the PC version. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, there has been no mention whatsoever on the PS4 version of Ghosts getting the same treatment. This means that Microsoft may have had their way again to ensure that the Xbox One version of the game has yet another advantage in place along with the ongoing DLC agreement.

Infinity Ward has already commented on the situation, with Mark Rubin choosing to be somewhat dubious by saying that ‘they are not talking about other platforms at the moment’. It sounds like to us that this is something for Xbox One gamers only and that PS3 and PS4 gamers may have to put up with the standard peer-to-peer system as normal.

What are your thoughts on this, both as a PlayStation COD player and a future Xbox One gamer who will now get to enjoy dedicated server hosting?

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  • Javier Maggio

    It’s nice to see I was funding something bigger then somebody’s mortgage with my yearly Xbox Live subscription. PS3 gamers have always said “free for online” was a huge advantage for their console, but I guess it turned out to be their Achilles heel on this next generation.


    DO NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO RENT SERVERS. KEEP THEM IW ONLY. Battlefield 3 was ruined for me after all the DICE/EA official servers weren’t around. Yes they were around, but nobody is playing in them. They are all playing on: Noshahr Canals 500 Tickets Max 24/7. Pistols and knifes only. GIVE ME A BREAK. What’s the point in buying my premium membership/dlc if I only get to play one level? I love the idea of dedicated servers but stupid people ruin them. I have been kicked by admins for whooping their’s and all of the “clan”‘s asses. One of the last matches I played, I got “kicked by admin” when I was doing great. One of the last times I looked at my score for the match I had 76 kills and 18 deaths with a little less than half the tickets to go. I would have broke a hundred (as I have done numerous times) and he/she didn’t like that. They’re were no rules for the lobby, I checked before I joined and I took all of my flashlights/lasers off my guns because a lot of lobbies restrict the use of them.

    You can tell by my comment I have played enough BF3 to not be a fanboy of COD or BF. I love shooters. Plain and simple. Contra, Super C, Super Metroid, Doom, Duke Nukem, Goldeneye, Ghost Recon, COD, Halo, GEARS, whatever, it doesn’t matter. If it shoots and there is technique involved, I’ll play it. Dedicated servers is the best thing for online multiplayer, and it wouldn’t be the first time I bought a console for one game; Gamecube – Super Smash Bros., Xbox – Halo 2, Xbox 360 – Call of Duty 4. I put in BF3 the other day and took it out without even playing because there was no Hardcore lobbies with a 5 bar connection and not a single HC TDM lobby.

    DON’T LET STUPID PEOPLE RUIN COD GHOSTS SERVERS. I’m sure stupid people will still find a way to ruin it (with their gameplay most likely), but with the servers, you actually have choice. Please make the right one.

    • Blackshirt

      Your mom would be proud of you! You were good at BF3 and you are an XBox fanboy!

      • Javier Maggio

        My mom is proud of me, I am good at BF3, and as far as a “fanboy” goes, my first memory of being truly scared, was in a mansion as Jill Valentine. My favorite fighting games on PS1 were Tekken 3 and Bushido Blade (you’ve probably never even played that), which I still own to this day. I am going to get another PS2 because I always want to make sure I can bust out DBZ Budokai, DMC series, and the best Silent Hills. I plan on buying a PS3 Black Friday bundle this year, because I can finally afford one, rather than getting a next-gen console right away. Maybe you weren’t around for Halo 2 on the original Xbox Live or COD 4 when it was new. My original (Slim) PS2, which I owned before the Xbox, is still in use today. Which is why I just started Dino Crisis. Picked it up for $2.99+tax. Way to stay anonymous coward.