COD Ghosts Xbox One vs PS4 dedicated servers

As we learned at GamesCom 2013 this week, Call of Duty Ghosts is now set to be even better on Xbox One than first thought. Developers Infinity Ward have confirmed that the next-gen version of the game is set to top the PS4 version, thanks to the confirmation that dedicated servers will finally be coming to home consoles – a welcome end to player host advantages.

It goes without saying that this has been a huge request from Call of Duty players who have endured peer-to-peer based matches down the years. Now though, Activision has said that thanks to the new cloud-based features of the Xbox One hardware, dedicated server support will now be possible across all game types.

Just to remind you, Call of Duty Ghosts will also benefit from dedicated servers on the PC version. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, there has been no mention whatsoever on the PS4 version of Ghosts getting the same treatment. This means that Microsoft may have had their way again to ensure that the Xbox One version of the game has yet another advantage in place along with the ongoing DLC agreement.

Infinity Ward has already commented on the situation, with Mark Rubin choosing to be somewhat dubious by saying that ‘they are not talking about other platforms at the moment’. It sounds like to us that this is something for Xbox One gamers only and that PS3 and PS4 gamers may have to put up with the standard peer-to-peer system as normal.

What are your thoughts on this, both as a PlayStation COD player and a future Xbox One gamer who will now get to enjoy dedicated server hosting?



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