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CagePro for GoPro: 5 hours of battery life in one charge

There is no denying that the GoPro is a fun camera to use for so many different situations, but it does have its limitations, such as battery life. However, the CagePro for GoPro aims to resolve this because it offers 5 hours of battery life in one charge.

We have to inform you that the accessory has not been released yet, but it is something Photography and Cinema is working on. What makes this so great is how it does not require its own battery, but rather one taken from a digital camera.

The battery in question is the Canon LP-E6 Battery, and will be enough to offer 5 hours of run time with one charge. This means that if you have 3 of those batteries you will be able to get through an entire event with no fear of running out of power.

CagePro for GoPro comes with a selection of different mounts, allowing you to attach a number of different accessories, such a handle, external mic etc.

Using this cage with your GoPro will make the camera more flexible because it opens up more opportunities, which are explained in the video below.

CagePro price is expected to be about $100, we just hope Photography and Cinema is able to get this prototype into production.



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