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BBM release date for Android elusive, yet fundamental

Earlier this month we reported that the BBM Android release date was going to be soon, but how soon was anyone’s guess. We had assumed to see it released this summer and Blackberry only has a month left before the fall.

Although the BBM release date for Android remains elusive, there is no denying that it will be fundamental to BlackBerry. The reason we say the release is elusive is because we are no closer to finding out a set date, and the fact that it will be hard to know what one will be the real deal because there are so many fake BBM apps on the Google Play Store.

Thankfully these fake apps have since been reported and removed, but it still makes it harder to tell when the real deal is released. Although, we are certain that BlackBerry will let us know that it is available because it will be a huge deal for them as a company.

Phones Review makes a point about how BlackBerry’s smartphone market share is still in a decline, even after launching several new devices.

This is why the release of BBM for Android and also the iPhone is so important to the company, although we have to remember that it will not completely change their fortunes.

When will BBM for Android be released, and will it help BlackBerry as a whole?



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