Xbox One UK, US free games other than FIFA 14

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2013

A lot of the next-gen gaming debate has been on the $100 price difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One in the US. Many consumers are set to pick up Sony’s console simply because it is cheaper, but this week we hear exciting rumors that Microsoft may be planning a massive incentive to make their more expensive console a lot more desirable this Holiday season.

For UK consumers, the price difference between the two consoles is another bitter pill to swallow for many, with Microsoft pricing the Xbox One at £429, with Sony’s PS4 significantly cheaper at £349. We’ve seen over the last few months though that Microsoft do not like to be outdone and we could be seeing the company attempt to offer a major free game with every Xbox One console.

It means that consumers who buy the console could have a game to play straight out of the box and reports are already emerging that the game could be the highly impressive looking FIFA 14. Whispers from MCV reveal that Microsoft has apparently spent millions to partnership with EA to make this deal happen.

Bundling FIFA 14 with the Xbox One, especially in Europe, will surely help to seal the deal for thousands of FIFA fanatics who were planning to pick up the next installment in the successful football franchise this Autumn. Remember that this is still a rumor at this point, but we’re expected to hear a confirmation from Microsoft during GamesCom this week.

As far as we’re aware, FIFA 14 could just be the free game for Xbox One consoles in Europe – Microsoft may have partnered with another publisher to offer a different game in other regions. If that’s the case, what game would you like to see in your region? Either way, this sounds like a fantastic incentive to eat into that PS4 price advantage.

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  • Current 360 owner

    Surely Fifa 14 will not cost £80 so people swaying towards a PS4 could still get their console and the game for less than the cost of the XBone.

  • Dominic Vinall-Smith

    Being subjective, surely the counter argument to that is that clearly Microsoft don’t think that the console alone is worth the value they’ve priced it at.

    This seems like a mad idea to me; though it’s great for consumers. But it’s so completely against the flow of everything that Microsoft have done thus far. Perhaps that’s the point…