Ubuntu Edge release doubt, Indiegogo countdown nears

By Peter Chubb - Aug 20, 2013

Towards the end of last month we were feeling a little optimistic with an Ubuntu Edge release possibility. However, as we are now close to the Indiegogo campaign ending, it is not looking too good for the smartphone. It is a shame because the Ubuntu Edge phone campaign has broken the previous Indiegogo record held by the Pebble smartwatch, although that did prove successful and was released to the market.

We can’t help discuss the Ubuntu Edge release doubt because the Indiegogo countdown has just 41 hours left and is still around $20 million short. The campaign did have a good run because it has raised almost $12 million, which is rather impressive.

However, the problem here is that the Ubuntu Edge goal was set far too high and had no hope of being reached. The other issue is the handset would have been a popular choice with developers, but not as popular to the every day user.

The team behind the Ubuntu Edge campaign are not giving up because they are mounting one last marketing blitz, and they have even got some help from tech junkie Stephen Fry, who has urged his 6 million Twitter followers to get behind the project.

It is nice to see one last push, but the campaign was doomed from the start because of expecting far too much, and the fact that awareness for the Ubuntu Edge was slow to start.

Are you disappointed that the Ubuntu Edge will not be released?

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  • Aditya Raj Bhatt

    Not only did they set too high a target (maybe it was necessary) but many of their perks were held off till too late (lowering the prices, unlimited $695 backing). Also, the marketing was rather lackluster. However, perks were the most major cause of the highly likely failure of the project.

    They should have kept the project window open a little longer too (or is 1 month the maximum?).