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Rode Videomic Rycote will improve DSLR audio

Those of you looking to improve your DSLR or video camera audio may contemplate the Rode Videomic with Rycote as a viable component to assist in those on-location shoots. This product is a helpful companion to improve sound quality and today we are checking out an audio test and review as the Rode Videomic Rycote is unboxed and explained.

The video by davomrmac embedded above lasts around 7 and half minutes, and in this we get to see the Rode Videomic with Rycote being unleashed and tested for a visual account of this helpful accessory. We also get to see the much improved shock mount with Rycote technology and the enhancements made to the audio of your DSLR or video camera.

In addition to the video, the presenter also goes on to give his preference when it comes to the microphone, as he mentions how he prefers the sound from the lapel mic finding it much cleaner. Apparently, the Rode can be a bit compressed and warble sounding, although echoing from the room does not help.

Full details of this product can be seen on the official Rodemic Website including the specs and what is available within the Rode Videomic including materials used, features and advancements made to isolate the microphone from bumps and vibrations, which could affect or interfere with your sound quality.

Are you impressed with the Rode Videomic? Maybe you are considering this as a valuable component to assist you with those on-location shoots that seem to accumulate too much background noise. Please let us know your thoughts on the video above this post.



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