PSN down again in August 2013, heads-up

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2013

The PS4 can’t come around soon enough, especially when you think of all the constant PSN outages on the PS3 which continue to be a major cause of frustration for gamers. This week, we have a heads-up to give you now, with Sony sending out word that another lengthy PSN maintenance period will be occurring this Thursday on August 22.

It obviously isn’t the first lengthy maintenance period that we have had this year and we’re willing to bet it won’t be the last one either before the PS4 arrives at the end of the year. Sony has promised that PS4 system updates and maintenance periods will happen behind the scenes, ensuring that gamers won’t have to endure the long periods of time away from gaming as what we have seen with the PS3 lifecycle.

For those planning a gaming session on Thursday, you’ll need to know that certain aspects of the PSN will be offline from 12pm Pacific Time, lasting a total of period of six and a half hours. That means that you’ll be able to resume normal activity from 6.30pm in the evening, or from 8pm-2.30am for our readers over in the UK.

Fortunately though, you’ll still be able to engage in online multiplayer, as long as you remained signed into the PSN before the maintenance period begins. To do this though, you’ll obviously need to keep your console running if you are away from the home, so it may not be a viable option for everyone.

Sony has once again said that the reason for the maintenance is to ensure that users receive the “best online games experience on PSN” possible. It seems like we have at least one outage event each month though, and that can’t be good. Are you looking forward to the end of these maintenance periods when the PS4 arrives?

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  • meron

    The guy writing this is obviously doing this to gain hits.

    He is an idiot and should be reported.

  • Ragnawind

    I agree with the other two comments. I have always been able to log-in, as well, during maintenance like this. Though it seems you need to log-in at least once at least 24 hours before maintenance begins, but then you can log-in any time during maintenance. Also, the shutdown of the server for the hacking incident, that resulted in no loss of personal info or credit card account info, was the only time no one could log in, because the server was offline. If the log-in would keep you logged in during maintenance, if you logged in before it started, allowed you to sty on during maintenance, but not allow anyone else to log in after, it wouldn’t make sense either. The way they are saying in the article is that the log-in server would be offline, but as soon as the PS3 sent any info over PSN, it would detect the log-in server offline and disconnect them, as well.

  • Thomas Koedel

    Iv never had a problem logging in during maintenance periods so other than the hacking problem a few years ago I haven’t had much of a problem. This person must not own a ps3.

  • big oreo

    I can’t remember the last time that there was an outage? Certainly not every month like you are claiming. How long ago was the hacking incident?? That was the last time an outage occurred and then Sony gave us 2 or 3 bs games to try and say sorry.. Get your stories straight…