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New Haswell MacBook Pro 2013 release date hope

We were shocked when Apple did not release the New Haswell MacBook Pro at the same time as the MacBook Air earlier this year, even though we had seen stock levels getting low. We currently have no set MacBook Pro 2013 release date, but we do have a pretty good idea though.

New Haswell MacBook Pro 2013 release date hope – We don’t expect any announcement on the release of Apple’s notebook during the iPhone event next month, but October is looking a safe bet. If this is the case then the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 event could add another little surprise, and that would be the launch of the late 2013 MacBook Pro.

It’s strange why we have had to wait so long, especially when the MacBook Air with Haswell processor was released back in June. We currently have any official information as to why the new Pro has been delayed, but we do have a good idea.

There is rumored to be an even faster version of the Haswell processor, which if rumors are correct could find their way into the MacBook Pro 2013 refresh, and so could have casued the delay.

Haswell MacBook Pro with Retina price is expected to be the same as the current Retina model, and when you consider it could be significantly faster, it seems like a good deal to us.



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