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New Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 cases, August 2013

With the Galaxy S4 relatively new and the iPhone 5 getting a bit long in the tooth, it is still surprising how popular the latter device still is. Okay, so we know sales have fallen over the months, but because the iPhone 5 sold in record numbers that means there is a huge demand for accessories.

There is already a great selection of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, with more being released all the time, but it’s nothing like the iPhone 5 cases market, as it is such a huge business. So let’s see what new cases we have for August 2013.

Below we have five videos for you to look over, two for the Galaxy S4 and three for the iPhone 5.

The first video is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Para Metallic case review, giving us details on the different colors, design and much more. Second is the Galaxy S4 Social ZooGue case review, which we have to say is a better case for those wanting a little more protection.

The iPhone 5 iHangy Keychain case review is an interesting one because it makes the phone look like a Nokia handset. We do find it funny how the reviewer has a hard time getting the keychain on the case.

The iPhone 5 iHangy case is rather similar to the case above, but does not have the keychain feature. Keeping with the theme is the iPhone 5 iHangy Necklace case, which as you would expect allows you to wear your iPhone around your neck. This is ideal if you are at an event and wish to have your phone near you at all times.

These are just a few new Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 cases for August 2013.



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