Mercedes Benz GLA vs. Audi A3 and BMW X1 in 2014

With the Frankfurt Motor Show set to show us a range of new vehicles next month, such as new concept cars, we thought we would take another look at the Mercedes Benz GLA. This vehicle may only be little, but it will need to punch above its weight if it has any hope of competing with its nearest rivals.

The Mercedes Benz GLA rivals are the Audi A3 and BMW X1, which are new models themselves. The GLA will also have to compete with the Range Rover Evoque, although the competition with that latter model will not be as tough.

The all-new Audi A3 does not go on sale until next year, while the X1 is already on the market and so has a head start in this segment.

Expected Mercedes Benz GLA price – We should expect to see a starting price between $29,900, and $37,480, because these are the prices of the CLA-Class and GLK-Class, as the GLA sits in-between these two models.

By comparison the BMW X1 has a starting price of $30,800 and the Range Rover Evoque starts at $42,040. Mercedes really need to bring their A Game with the new GLA-Class and get the perfect balance between styling, performance and handling and that all-important price.



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