iOS 7 beta 7 release improbability before Gold Master

By Peter Chubb - Aug 20, 2013

There had been many reports that iOS 7 beta 7 would go live yesterday, although that time has been and gone. It was strange to hear such reports because they seemed adamant that a release was to happen, although we had our doubts.

iOS 7 beta 7 release improbability – We assumed that iOS 7 beta 6 was the last version, although because it never offered much in the way of performance improvements and still had a few issues to iron out, many developers had been expecting another.

BGR were the first to mention a beta 7 release, but we know how unreliable the website has been in the past. Having said that, Phones Review still believes that we will see iOS 7 beta 7 this week before Gold Master in September.

If they are correct, then maybe we will see the iOS 7 beta 7 download go live today, as the previous update was also released on a Tuesday. We will not have that long to wait, because we should know if this is the case in a few short hours.

What do you think the chances are of one final beta before the iOS 7 GM release, and do you think iOS 7 is anywhere near ready, because we don’t think so?

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  • Kris Randall

    And also I have to mention safari. Safari crashes a lot.

  • Zack Simpson

    I agree with the other comments; I’m still experiencing a few issues in the interface that I hope will be smoothed out before the GM is released. I would also be surprised if Apple would wait until Sept. 5th for any kind of release, be it Beta 7 or the GM. I guess only time will tell, though. Good post!

  • Kris Randall

    I don’t think it’s quite there yet to be finished for IOS 7, I still experience technical difficulties, such as apps crashing and iPod resetting sometimes.
    Multitasking isn’t quite there yet either I don’t think because it is quite temperamental and unreliable as we are not sure which apps will stay open or close the next time we open it.

    • I agree, really hope we see a beta 7.

    • kodemunkey

      I really hope we see another beta too. I have a 4S and when I go to update a contact that I’ve added to my favorites, the contacts app crashes. To me this is still a pretty major bug that has to be addressed before the GM release.