GTA V cars list starts with Rockstar tease

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2013

If you are a GTA V fan, most of you are still probably buzzing over the recent announcement of GTA V Online, which will be going live alongside the main release of the game. However, one of the biggest requests that has yet to be met is a full GTA V cars list to browse upon before picking the game up.

While Rockstar has yet to provide this information, the developer has given us a tasty teaser on three new vehicles that we can expect to see cruising around the streets of Los Santos. Fans have been wondering what new fast cars will be coming, and now we can reveal the names of three cars – the Benefactor Felzter, the Obey Tailgater and the Coil Voltic.

The Tailgater is easily Rockstar’s take on the Audi series of cars, while the Coil has been inspired by the Dodge Viper. All three models look fantastic and you can check out a 360 degree view of each one over at Rockstar’s official website here. These are obviously not the only fast cars that will be appearing in GTA V, but it appears that Rockstar may be looking to reveal more gradually, as we build up to the September 17 launch.

The famed developer infamously said that GTA V has a bigger world that the likes of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV combined, so we’re guessing it also means that GTA V will contain the biggest amount of vehicles that we have seen in a single GTA game to date. Just as long as there’s the usual Rhino tank and variety of hidden helicopters to find – we will be more than satisfied.

What are you expecting to see from GTA V in terms of vehicle choice? Which out of the Felzter, Tailgater and Voltic do you like the best? Don’t forget that you’ll also be able to heavily customize your vehicles to give them a more personalized look akin to your tastes.

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  • Alan

    The Coil is most like a Lotus Exige.

  • Tyler C.

    Is this guy high? Viper? Really?

  • Some Ol’ Guy

    It’d be cool to have pedestrians flashing their camera’s at you as you cruise around Vinewood in your chrome Infernus.

  • JMC

    The Coil is obviously a Tesla Roadster. not a Viper

    • Anon

      It looks a little like a tesla but looks a lot like a lotus elise as well.