Fastest camera phone in 2013

By Marlon Votta - Aug 20, 2013

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just cannot bring you phone out and capture that all important image in time? Regardless of how quick you can draw your camera phone out of your pocket putting in passwords or opening the camera menu can sometimes take too long, therefore missing that golden opportunity that you wish you got on camera.

Whether there is a spontaneous image to capture or even you baby’s first smile, the camera feature on your smartphone could be just that little bit quicker enabling users to capture that photo before it disappears. In the video above by CNETTV they discuss how most smartphones are now decent picture takers, and question which is the quickest when it comes to framing that fleeting moment that can pass within seconds.

The brief video only lasts around 4 minutes, but gives us an insightful look at some of the fastest camera phones on the market in 2013. Putting six smartphones to the test, this video hits on the demand for high megapixels but also discusses which phone is quicker as far as taking instant pictures are concerned.

Rather than explain which is best we thought our readers may want to check out the video and come to their own conclusion, considering some may feel that the Lumina works much quicker if you hold down the shutter button.

Do you agree with the presenter’s conclusion? Or do you feel that they have missed out some valuable tricks that can make the camera on certain smartphones faster.

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  • BG

    Nice review – well presented. You need to test more phones though, in particular those with dedicated shutter release buttons, i.e. Sony Xperia. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come under 3 seconds…