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Bigger iPhone 6 desired in new concept

I cannot count how many times I have been in a debate as to the size of the iPhone with friends and family members. For me a larger screen would be preferred, although some people I know do not agree. However, there does seem to be a burning desire for a bigger iPhone 6, although not sure something as large as a Galaxy Mega 6.3 would be welcome?

In the video we have for you above it is clear to see that a bigger iPhone 6 is desired in this new concept. I’d love a screen about the size of the Galaxy S4, or a little smaller, but never something as large as this.

Okay, it is clear there are some people out there who would love an iPhone phablet that could compete with the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, but not sure there is that big of market for iOS users – or is there?

The new iPhone 6 phablet concept is the handy work of Ran Avni and shows a 6.2-inch display, 10-megapixel camera, A8X chip, 2.5GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage and a fingerprint sensor. Some of these specs are plausible, but not so sure about the storage?

What are the chances of an iPhone 6.2 vs. Galaxy Mega 6.3 showdown? If we know Apple then there is no chance we will see this happen anytime soon, although we saw with the release of the iPad mini last year that they will do something out of character, but only when they are ready because they will never be pushed into anything.



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