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Toshiba Excite Pro in harsh review

We cannot help feel as though a recent Toshiba Excite Pro review was a little harsh, as they stated that for a tablet costing $500 it is riddled with too many issues. They admit on paper the Excite Pro is a monster in terms of specs, but they then say having such specs is one thin but how they work on this tablet is something else.

There is no denying that for a tablet costing $500 Toshiba does throw in some amazing features, although the front-facing camera is not one of them because it being a little too grainy, as you can see in the video below, although the rear-facing camera more than makes up for this issue.

The barrage of issues are pointed out throughout this Toshiba Excite Pro review, although there has been a negative reaction to this on YouTube, as many consumers believe the review is harsh.

One of the comments said they had been using the Excite Pro for a week and the claims of poor battery life were exaggerated. They admit it to being a little heavy when compared to the iPad, but it still does not warrant such a tough review.

Several other YouTube users believe the review to be biased and that many of the issues seems to be OS based and not hardware, in which case the negatives can be improved.

How does the Toshiba Excite Pro compare to rival android tablets in its price range?



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