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Samsung Galaxy Star Duos vs. Nokia Asha 501 Dual

If you are on the market for a Dual SIM handset in India, then there are two choices for you to consider – okay there are more but we want you to take a look at these two.

So if there was a Samsung Galaxy Star Duos vs. Nokia Asha 501 Dual comparison, which of the two would be the better choice? This is what we hope these two videos will help you to find out.

Below we have a Nokia Asha 501 Dual Sim review for you and while it is a pretty decent review, it does not highlight some of the phones best features, although a look at the full a Nokia Asha 501 specs here will better explain those for you. This is the Nokia Asha 501 handset, but it states “Also available as Dual Sim with dual SIM card support” so we are not sure if that’s the only thing that changes on that model.

The second video is of a Samsung Galaxy Star Duos review, which as many of you already know is the cheapest of the Galaxy handsets. A full list of Samsung Galaxy Star Duos specs can be found here.

Neither of these handsets are going to set any benchmark records because they are budget handsets, but one thing we do know, they have proven very popular because for their price in India.



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