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Samsung 12-Inch Tablet post Galaxy Note 3 release

Having already established that Apple and Samsung were looking to move into the larger tablet market, it is clear to see Samsung are more ahead of their plans than Apple because the iPad maker is not in any rush to pursue this just yet.

The latest news suggests Samsung’s 12-inch tablet will be released in October, which will be after the release of the Galaxy Note 3. We cannot be certain as to how much notice we can take with this report because it has come from a Korean website.

As for the Samsung 12-inch tablet specs, we have no idea yet, although we do know it will have a hi-res display and more than likely an ARM processor.

There is talk that the larger tablet could make an appearance at IFA 2013 next month, which is when Samsung is expected to unveil their Galaxy Note 3.

We can see that this is something Samsung will pursue because they want to cover yet another market. However, we cannot see Apple doing the same just yet because a larger iPad release could cannibalize MacBook Air sales.



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