Pokemon X and Y demo gameplay with Mega Mewtwo

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2013

We have just told you about very exciting developments in relation to a possible Pokemon Stadium 3 game on the Wii U, but now it’s time to divert attention firmly back to the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS. We have brand new gameplay footage for you to enjoy, this time taken from a Pokemon X and Y demo which shows the in-game transformation of Mewtwo into mega Mewtwo.

It was not too long ago that we told you that a new stage of evolution would be coming to Pokemon X and Y in the form of mega evolutions. Some fans are still not too sure on whether this is a good thing or not, but it’s definitely happening and Mewtwo has already been confirmed to have a mega evolution in place.

Nintendo has teased this fact further by releasing a brief gameplay clip, showing the full mega evolution of Mewtwo as it happens during a live battle – remember that the new mega evolutions are a one time thing and can only be performed when in-battle. If you pay attention to the clip, you’ll also spot one of the brand new professors in the game, professor Sycamore who rather foolishly sends out a weak flying type Pokemon to take on Mewtwo.

After the evolution of mega Mewtwo is complete, the battle is over after just one attack. What we’re interested to find out is just how easy it will be to mega evolve during a battle and if there is difficulty involved in getting the required items that are needed to mega evolve.

Check out the first evidence of Mewtwo mega evolving above and let us know what you think about mega evolutions.

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  • Bruce Masters 08

    it was REEEEEAAAALLLLYYY hard not to make an “over 9000 joke” at the end of that last comment. but i didnt so i’m proud of myself

  • Bruce Masters 08

    I’d like to be the first to say that Mega evolutions are Nothing less than spectacular! Who ever came up with this idea at whatever board meeting they were at, probably gave their presentation, stepped out from behind a podium stuck their hand out and dropped the mic saying “i’m out!” and just walked away knowing that they just blew the minds of everyone in that room let alone the pkmn fans the world over. We need too find out who this person is and interview them asap cause theyre gonna make a movie about this person’s LIFE. I’m talking Steve Job’s lvl of breathing new life into a dying brand!!! All the haters out there who are worried about Mega Evolutions KILLING the game. Nope this game just got REAL!!! Been a pkmn master since the game came out. I’ve realized that this game was going under and was worried that it would last the long run so my children could go off on amazing journeies in attempts to capture all 700+ pkmn. i believe that with all the attention from these mega evos are getting that i’ll live to see pkmn numbers over 1000…

  • Bruce Masters 08