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Pokemon Stadium 3 Wii U rumors ignite

If the excitement over Pokemon X and Y wasn’t enough for you, things could be about to get even more exciting in the weeks to come. Pokemon X and Y was the subject of a new showing over in Japan at a recent game’s event, but the major talking point right now is the possible confirmation of a brand new Pokemon Stadium game that will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii U.

Ever since the amazing Pokemon Stadium game on the Nintendo 64, Pokemon fans have been waiting for a similar game to arrive on Nintendo’s home consoles ever since. Sadly it never happened on the Wii, leaving fans even more eager than ever for Nintendo to finally produce something on their new Wii U system.

This week, we bring you evidence that this wish may finally be coming true. An image has appeared at the end of an official Nintendo trailer, appearing to suggest that a new 3D game is in the works. The image shows two Pokemon facing off with character models and background visuals that will surely make all Pokemon fans drool with anticipation.

Nintendo hasn’t come out with an official statement on the matter, but it could be a sign that something big and special may be going down during GamesCom 2013 this week, or if not – at the Tokyo Games Show in September over in Japan. You can see the image in question by watching until the very end on the rather excellent clip above.

The video also serves as a great trip down memory lane, to see Pikachu venture through all of the previous Pokemon games down the years. Have a look and tell us your initial reaction to the teaser image at the very end.

Could this be the Pokemon Stadium 3 game that will finally make you buy a Wii U?



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