Panasonic GX7 vs. GH3 in camera comparison

By Peter Chubb - Aug 19, 2013

Several days ago we looked at how the Panasonic Lumix GX7 compared to the GX1, and so we thought you might now what to see what the outcome would be when the GH3 is compared to the former camera.

Panasonic GX7 vs. GH3 in camera comparison – The first video (above) looks at how these cameras compare when shooting videos, and while we do not claim to be experts, the GX7 does seem as though it has the edge because the colors are more vivid and does not seem as dull.

The issue is, the GX7 is the newer camera and cost a couple of hundred less than the GH3, and so you will wish to know if it is worth the change, or should you stick with the camera you have? However, the second video (see below) offers a different perspective because these two cameras are very different.

What surprises us in the second Panasonic GX7 vs. GH3 comparison review is how the guy says the GH3 is better for shooting videos, even though the first video shows otherwise.

Having said that, we believe what he means is that the GH3 has more connectivity and so makes it a better camera for the more professional user. That’s because the GX7 is more for the everyday user, and so will be far easier to use.

Watch both these videos and make your won mind up.

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  • coffinbomber

    Yep, agree with Teacher. A flatter profile is far more malleable in post, which is what videographers are almost always looking for.

    Having said that, attaining a similar look to the GX7 by boosting contrast a touch, and maybe saturation. Or select a punchier preset. Anyway they both look fine to me.

  • teacher

    The GH3 is better for shotting videos because it produces a flatter/dull image. The dull image looks like crap when coming straight off the camera, but it retains more detail and gives you far more flexibility in post processing.