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HTC One Google Edition vs. Moto X phone

As the competition for most desirable smartphone heats up with the vast amount of products on the market, it is worth looking at comparisons to see which one is suitable for the individual. Today we have an in-depth comparison video to show you highlighting the HTC One Google Edition vs. Moto X phone.

The 13 minute comparison video above by mobileburn runs through all the features and specs involved with both products, giving the viewer a decent account of what is contained with both. Accumulating 73 likes to 8 dislikes the video asks which device is the best Android smartphone, but we would also love to know what our readers think.

The presenter highlights some similar features and picks out the major differences, and generally, we feel that both of these products are impressive looking smartphones, but we are intrigued to know how they would fare against other popular smartphones on the market.

We get the impression that the presenter shows preference to the HTC One, but there doesn’t seem to be too much in it. Do you feel that the HTC One Google Edition and the Moto X are two of the better smartphones available? If so which one do you prefer?



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