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HTC One 2nd generation audio features in question

When HTC decided to use Beats audio technology on their handsets they did so in order to gain favor with a younger audience. They did this by acquiring a stake in the company, but over time that stake have gotten less. The partnership has had a mixed reaction, but for the most part the outcome has been a positive one for both parties.

What was so good though was the fact that someone who purchased the HTC One would in some cases try out a set of Beats headphones because they feel it was the perfect combination. However, all that may change if we are to believe a recent report from WSJ.

It looks as though Beats by Dr. Dre is looking to purchase the remaining stake from HTC, but we have to wonder how much because they already sold back some of their stake at a loss of around $5 million.

We do not know if HTC will stop using Beats if they do sell up, but this could mean the HTC One 2nd generation audio features is now in question. Okay, so we know this is not the most important area for the phone maker to be worrying about, but if they still want to target the younger audience they need to deliver a decent audio experience.

Personally, we feel as though Beats is not all what it is made out to be and has just been hyped because of the trendy headphones. We know several people who have had a bad experience with these headphones and feel as though it is about time HTC put this fiasco behind the, but would you agree?



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