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HTC Butterfly S vs. HTC One in a 2-part review

Having already looked at a HTC Butterfly S vs. HTC One video review we thought you might not have been able to come to a decision as to which of the two would be better for you. These handsets are for the same budgets, but there are significant differences

Just to make certain we have come across another HTC Butterfly S vs. HTC One skirmish, which is more extensive because it is in a 2-part review.

The first video runs for just less than 9 minutes and is an introduction to the two handsets, and we just need to tell you that it is not an easy decision with going for the one with the larger display or the metal case.

Part two of the review is a little less that 11 minutes long and looks even further into the differences between each of these handsets. It’s easy to tell the YouTube users love a comparison of these two handsets because they are both on the Android platform and from HTC.

We find it strange that the HTC Butterfly S came out the winner, even though you would have thought the HTC One would have come out on top because the phone maker has backed the device heavily. However that is just one opinion and so does not mean it is the correct one, although it is food for thought.



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