Canon 70D vs. 7D, persuasion continues

By Peter Chubb - Aug 19, 2013

With just over a month to go until the release of the Canon 70D, it’s obvious that there will still be several comparison videos being made because people need to know if they need to upgrade to Canon’s latest DSLR, or if they should go with one of their other models.

Having already looked at a Canon 70D vs. 7D comparison video review, it seems as though the persuasion continues for these two DSLR cameras. The reason we say this is becasue a new video shows several reasons as to why you should choose the 70D over the Canon 7D.

The Canon 70D features looks set to become a game changer device for Canon, although we’re not too sure we would go that far. Having said that, maybe these 9 reasons will help persuade you that the 70D is the one for you?

Some of you might be thinking this is not a fair comparison because the Canon 7D is an older model, but it is still on the market and a popular camera.

If you would rather see a more comparative review then you need to check out the Canon 70D Vs Nikon D7100. Are you considering the 70D once it is released next month, or are you happy to stick with your current DSLR?

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  • JimmyDee

    lol. had the 7D since it came out. My friend got the 60D when it came out with very nearly identical spec.

    Not a day goes by when I don’t envy him his flip and twist screen.

    When the 70D didn’t come out last big show, I was seriously getting close to walking away from my 7500 USD Canon camera kit.

    We’ll see.