PS4 launch pre-order over at Asda, Tesco, HMV, GAME

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 17, 2013

If you have left ordering a next-generation games console to now, then you might have problems getting a Sony PS4 launch day pre-order. You can certainly order both the Xbox One and PS4 at many retail locations, but we have asked Asda, Tesco, HMV, and GAME about their PS4 pre-order and all of them state a launch day is not possible now.

GAME in the UK did state, “you could gain a PS4 console on launch day if you line-up, but not if you pre-order”. HMV were a little more positive by saying, “you never know, you could end up getting a PS4 on launch day if you pre-order now but it’s unlikely”.

This news comes after Sony told each of the UK stores that there is no more PS4 consoles for launch day, although we’re sure some Xbox 360 fans might claim this could be a sales tactic. The fact is the lower PS4 price vs. Xbox One being around 20 percent higher is the main driving factor.

You shouldn’t discount the U-turn Microsoft performed on used games as a big reason a lot of gamers went PS4 over Xbox One as well before the change.

GAME, HMV, Tesco and Asda are still taking pre-orders but with no fixed release date or even expected window after launch to get your console. If you place an order for Xbox One today, you will be guaranteed a console on launch day. In the UK most pre-orders cost £20 as a deposit.

You can also read about some gamers trying to persuade others in the Xbox One vs. PS4 debate, what are your reasons for choosing a particular next-gen console?

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  • Mike McElwain

    ordered ps4 @ gamestop after e-3

    • Keith McDonnell

      Same here small town in Ireland 268 ps4’s 6xbones pre ordered got the second last allocated unit