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Canon 70D Dual Pixel AF previewed

We have been covering the Canon 70D for a number of weeks now and it is good to keep our readers updated on every detail where possible, so today we wanted to feature a very short video revealing the Canon EOS 70D with a Dual Pixel AF demo. This might not be the longest visual we have featured, but it is nice to see this feature up close.

In the video we are told that the Dual Pixel AF gives the Canon EOS 70D much faster live view focus than we saw on the 60D, along with many of the other Canon DSLR cameras. The best way to see this in action is to specify where it is you wish the camera to focus.

When the camera senses a person then the focus will slow down a little, but if the Canon 70D recognizes a face on the scene then it focuses in much quicker again. You can see this in action on the Canon 70D video demo above.

Like we said above, we have been covering the Canon 70D for a while now, such as offering sample images, how it performs in real life tests, and how the 70D compares to the 7D, and the 60D and Nikon D7100.



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