BMW M4 Concept specs likely at LA Auto Show

With BMW making a few changes to their lineup, which means there will now be a new Series 4, it was always obvious that there was to be a BMW M4 and if the recent concept images are anything to go by – well we are certainly in for a treat.

The new BMW M4 Concept was unveiled at Pebble Beach, but was not launched in the way that BMW would have hoped. However, it was not a bad thing because if the car turns out anything like the concept then we are in for a real treat.

Autoblog does not expect to see hardly any changes with the production BMW M4 over the concept in terms of design, but as for specs we are still in the dark.

The BMW M4 specs should be announced during the LA Auto Show, although you would have presumed BMW would have used Frankfurt as the perfect platform to share those important details.

Our biggest question that we would like answered is the BMW M4 engine; because we expect it to be something rather special considering this is a brand new model.

Do you have high expectations for the BMW M4 Concept, and do you believe BMW has done the right thing by creating a new series?



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