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iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 problems justify price drop

In our recent article that looked at the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 review and specs, it was pretty clear this Android handset was able to compete with some of the bigger boys in India, although there were a few issues holding the handset back. These problems were to do with some of the hardware choices made, but then when you have to balance performance and price something has to give.

There are other iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 problems, although these were found by owners of the handsets. The first problem is with the Auxus Nuclea N1 earpiece, because there have been reports that some units have defective earpieces. They were sent back for repair, although in one instance it came back with a new issue where the volume button would not work.

We have also learned of several issues where the speaker volume does not work correctly. iBerry is aware of these issues and so we hope to hear word from them soon.

In the meantime a recent iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 price drop is justified because of these issues, although the reduced price is nothing to do with iBerry but rather eBay.

The correct iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 price in India is Rs.18,000, but you can find this handset for Rs. 17,400, although you will need to include Rs. 230 for shipping. Even with this fee the Nuclea N1 is still Rs. 370 cheaper then the official price.



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