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COD Ghosts multiplayer gameplay with Eminem bonus

As promised, Activision finally unveiled the debut gameplay footage for Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer earlier this week. There was one big surprise though for all watching – the video also marked the debut release of a brand new track from Eminem which previously hadn’t been heard anywhere before.

It’s something of a coup for Activision and indeed the rapper who’s new single Survival is now set to gain an increased following upon public release thanks to its inclusion in the multiplayer trailer. Those fearing that multiplayer would be the same as MW3 may still not be too convinced that the package is entirely new. Having said that though, there’s no doubt that Infinity Ward has once again managed to make the action look appealing and exciting to play.

Aside from the all new customization options that multiplayer will offer, one of the notable highlights of the gameplay footage is the impressive killstreaks on offer – just skip to 1.40 on the video above to get an idea of what we’re talking about. As for Eminem, the rapper has somewhat been out of the spotlight in recent months, but what better way to mark his return by featuring his upcoming single in arguably the most popular video game franchise in recent years.

Survival is going to hit the charts soon and features a beat similar to those who are familiar with Till I Collapse. Watch the video above to get a preview of Eminem’s latest song and a great heads up of course on what Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer is going to look like this November.

In all honesty, are you impressed with what you see or not?



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