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iPhone 5S event invites for Sept 10 imminent

While we do not know when the iPhone 5S release date will be (if that is its name) there are several rumors doing the rounds as to when the iPhone 5S event will be, and it looks as though it will be a couple of days earlier this year.

The iPhone 5S keynote for 2013 is expected to be on September 10 says AllThingsD, which falls on a Tuesday and not a Wednesday and will not only showcase the new iPhone, but also iOS 7.

We have already seen Apple unveil iOS 7, but this was just the build-up to next month’s event and with several betas already released to developers there should have been several new improvements to Apple’s mobile OS.

As for those iPhone 5S event invites for Sept 10, we expect imminent news on them because Apple will need to get everything in place for what is usually the biggest tech event by a cell phone manufacturer.

There have been suggestions that these will go out on September 5, but we feel as though this is leaving things a little late, although Apple will not have any issues with selling these iPhone 5S event tickets and are certain to sell out in record time yet again.



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