Fiat 500e recall for August 2013 is minor

There seems no let up in the kind of vehicles that are recalled, although this is always to be expected when you consider cars are made up of thousands of parts, which are produced by so many different companies. Something has got to give and so this should never surprise us.

Why the latest Fiat 500e recall for August 2013 is only minor, it is still a blow for Fiat and their customers who had expected a vehicle like this to have gone though so many checks before being sent out on the streets.

Like we said though, it is no shock and we should be glad these Fiat 500e recalls affecting more 270 models are only to replace the bolts that secure the half shafts. Detroit News reports that the NHTSA has yet to announce the official recall figures because they have yet to figure out exactly how many vehicles are affected by this problem.

We are being advised not to worry about the powertrain on the Fiat 500e, because this is in no way affected by the half shaft issue.

Thankfully there hasn’t been any reported injuries related to this recall, and you will be happy to know that when you take your Fiat 500e in for repair you will be issued a rental vehicle because the fix is not a quick job. As always, there will be no charge for this repair work due to the recall.



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