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Awaiting LG G2 cases deluge, such as OtterBox

When the HTC One was first announced it did not take long before there were several cases to choose from ahead of the handsets release. However, it’s a different story for the LG G2 cases, as there only seems to be the QuickWindow Case.

There are other LG G2 cases on the Internet, but these are not from reputable websites and so we would advise you to give them a miss. Okay, so we know those QuickWindow Cases are good enough for now because they come in a multitude of colors, but they will not be alone for long.

The LG G2 cases deluge should not be too long and we believe that OtterBox could be one of the first third-party cases, just as they were with the HTC One. We cannot see an LG G2 OtterBox case within the next week or two, but with the handset not being released until September, or even October in some markets maybe these cases will be ready upon the phones release.

We have to wonder how rugged LG G2 cases will work because of that rear button? With buttons being on the side it is much easier to use when encased, but will be far more difficult with the LG G2 because that rear button has multiple uses and so gives rugged case designers a tougher task.

What case company would you like to see support for the LG G2 first?



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