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iPhone 5S strangely meets Galaxy Note 3

The iPhone 5S is almost certain to see its launch next month, and no doubt Samsung will release their Galaxy Note 3 shortly after. Not long after they have both been released we will see several websites comparing these two handsets against each other.

We will find this strange because they will appeal to different types of users, as the iPhone 5S will be a general all-round device and ideal for making a huge number of calls throughout the day. However, the Note 3 will be better suited for surfing the Internet, playing games etc.

Either device might not be for everyone, although we are sure there will be more people out there hating on the iPhone 5S when it lands, even though it will sell far more units than the Note 3.

Last year when the iPhone 5 was compared to the Galaxy Note 2 there seemed to be a mixed reaction, because while some people would say it is like comparing apples to oranges, they would still read these comparison reviews to see just what they had to offer.

Last year we spoke about this very subject and while we would like to think the same will not happen this year, who are we kidding, certain sites will still compare the iPhone 5S to the Note 3.



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