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Verizon Moto X release date one step closer

It looks as though the Verizon Moto X release date has moved one-step closer, as they recently uploaded a page to register your interest. However, it’s been widely suggested that August 23 will be the date Verizon customers can get hold of the Moto X phone.

The carrier has not committed to an official Moto X release date, but the teaser page is a sign that we do not have that long to wait. Verizon states in the coming weeks, and August 23 would fit nicely into that bracket.

Don’t expect to be able to customize the Moto X from Verizon at launch though because that is exclusive to AT&T for the moment, although Big Red has said they will offer customization later this year.

However, there will be an exclusive Verizon Moto X model, which will come with a Woven Black or Woven White versions.

This will coincide with the range of new Motorola DROID devices that Verizon will release this month, and more importantly, the HTC One, which as we know has been delayed by the carrier several times now. Having said that, they have yet to announce an official release date.



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