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Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S4 Zoom in review

As Samsung continue to make a whole range of different devices, the keen photographer may find the Galaxy S4 Zoom the ideal camera to complement your hobby. Today we are looking at a S4 Zoom review which looks like a mix between the S4 mini phone and a decent camera.

We have embedded an informative video review by Android Authority that lasts around ten minutes and in this the presenter gives his impression of the good and bad aspects of this beefed up camera.

With over 370 likes for this video at the time of writing and only 9 dislikes we get the impression this video has been well-received. The presenter gives us his unbiased view that is worth considering, as he is also a keen photographer that takes all these aspects into account.

Instead of relaying his comments we thought out readers would prefer to check out the video above for themselves, although we would love to know your thoughts on Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S4 Zoom.



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