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Logitech Z600 review of Bluetooth speakers

Those looking for some decent Bluetooth speakers may find the Logitech Z600 could be the ideal choice, and we thought our readers would like to see these being reviewed. Today we have embedded a YouTube video of the Logitech Z600 being set up and discussed in detail.

The video above by lasts nearly eight minutes and runs through everything from setting up the speakers to the sound once they have been installed.

In the video we find out what is contained within the whole set up and the fact that the Logitech Z600 is capable of working with up to 3 devices at one time, while it can actually connect to eight.

During this review we get to see the power point setup as well as the ins and outs of the features, along with the speakers being tested on a range of different devices. Therefore, we would love to know if you have contemplated getting new Bluetooth speakers and whether the Logitech Z600 are the ones for you.



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