Tesla Model S UK release imminent, Lib Dems pleased

The Tesla Model S has had a few issues in the past, but all that is behind them now because the EV is all set to spread its wings and venture out into other markets. The Model S had only been available to the US market, but two years later we are about to see production increased to ship these vehicles to Europe.

Europe is a huge market and so all eyes will be on how Tesla Model S sales will be, and the first country outside America to see what all the fuss is about is Oslo, Norway. This is certainly a strange country to see the first deliveries appear outside of home soil, but the Electric Vehicle had to start somewhere.

Tesla Model S UK release imminent
– With Norway being so close to Britain, one can only assume the Tesla Model S will see a UK release very shortly, which will put a smile on Government officials faces, especially when they have plans to ban cars that run on fossil fuels by 2040, which we just cannot see happening.

The issue is, the technology is just not far enough ahead to become a practical solution and while advances are being made all the time, we have to question if 27 years is a long enough timescale, as we all know how slow battery enchantments have been over the years, although with oil companies now investing heavily in alternative fuels – maybe things will change now?



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