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LG G2 QuickWindow cases up close

A week before the LG G2 was unveiled to the world we got to see one of the official accessories that will be made available from the start, and we were not surprised at how it looked very similar to what Samsung offers for their Galaxy S4 handset. However, these phone makers copy each other all the time, so we have just learned to expect it really.

Looking at the LG G2 QuickWindow cases up close it is clear to see they have their differences to S View Cover. The window cut out is similar in size, but is in landscape instead of portrait. There is also a choice of seven colors, which can be seen on the LG G2 accessories page.

We have included a LG G2 QuickWindow Case review for you to watch above, and they do point out the obvious like we did. However, these cases are made from a different material and LG has some unique customized features for when the case is on and all you can see is that small window.

There is a multitude of customizable clocks, status screens, and only the small part of the screen lights up when viewing through the window, which does help conserve battery life.

What are you thoughts on the official LG G2 cases?



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