Lenovo Miix 10 emulates Surface RT price extortion

By Peter Chubb - Aug 8, 2013

There is no getting away from the fact that Microsoft made a few mistakes along the way with their Surface range, which we have discussed on a number of occasions, although they have started to see the error of their ways.

Okay, it wasn’t all bad, but the key issue was the price of the Surface RT, and is seems as though the same mistake has been made with the Lenovo Miix 10 tablet.

The Lenovo Miix 10 price starts at $599, and it is easy to see that some of you will feel the same as us, $600 is too much to pay for a tablet, even if it is new technology because you can get a decent laptop for the same price.

We just cannot get it out of our head that the Lenovo Miix 10 emulates the Surface RT price extortion, even Microsoft admitted as such, and so has lead to two price reductions, along with the Surface Pro also being reduced in price.

Lenovo Miix 10 specs include a 10-inch display, 1.8GHz Atom Z2760 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and a host of connectivity options, which can be seen in the video review below. It is clear this is no budget tablet, but we cannot be certain those specs warrants the price?

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