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iPhone 5S with Dual-LED Flash reinforced

Those earlier rumors of the iPhone 5S Dual-LED Flash have been reinforced with a new image that has surfaced, because this is said to be the new flash component from the next iPhone. The current model has its flash component attached via a ribbon, but you can clearly see this is not the case in the image below.

The rumored iPhone 5S flash part (see here also) has done away with the ribbon, which could mean it will come with a more powerful dual-LED flash and would back up our recent article showing an image if the minimal changes on an actual iPhone 5S, or what is said to be the new iPhone.

You’ll notice the new flash (if rumors are true) will no longer be a small round circle, but rather pill shaped instead, and two LED flashes can clearly be seen.

If we are to believe this latest iPhone 5S Dual-LED Flash rumor then we can expect to take far better pictures in low-light conditions. As for the sensor itself, we expect the iPhone 5S to see an increase to 12-megapixel.

However, 8-megapixel is plenty for a phone like this because we would rather see more improvements made to the sensor and lens itself, but viewing your images on a larger screen would be even better – like that will happen this year.



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